the sword in stone: Tuscan Excalibur

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picture of the sword in stone Sword in stone. The sword in the stone, in the chapel next to the Gothic Abbey of Saint Galgano at Montesiepi, Tuscany, Siena.


The sword in the stone, in the chapel next to the Gothic Abbey of Saint Galgano at Montesiepi. Archaeological digging may soon unveil its origins, Italian research announced. Known as the “sword in the stone,” the Tuscan “Excalibur” is said to have been plunged into a rock in 1180 by Galgano Guidotti, a medieval knight who renounced war and worldly goods to become a hermit. Built in Galgano’s memory, the evocative Gothic abbey at Montesiepi, near the city of Siena, still preserves the sword in a little chapel. Only the hilt and a few centimeters of the blade protrude from the rock in the shape of a Cross. “The sword has been considered a fake for many years, but our metal dating research in 2001 has…

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the path of the soul to the heaven after death representation
photography based digital art, surrealism photography

surrealism and symbolism: a way to depict cultural and religious archetypes

photography based digital art

emerging colored pyramid in light, surrealism photography emerging colored pyramid in light, surrealism photography

In the surrealism photography the image can hold a conceptual and symbolic value, in contrast with non objective photograpy, where the image interpretation depends on  the watcher imagination. It takes the place or better can be used along the symbols of the world cultures. We have symbols like Swastika, Cross, Moon, Sun, and many others used by official religions and mystic movements, related to a specific meaning. The two swastikas toghether simbolise the equilibrium, the cross the rebirth and the Moon, in the islamic religion, has different meanings depending on its color. All these symbols evoque, in their culture and religion, a specific sensation, message. So through the surrealism photography we can create images transmitting messages as well. The depicted situations, landscapes create a dream world which makes our imagination working. We start from the rational sphere, given by a recognizable image for reaching the emotional sphere.

We can say that, in the photography…

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