limited/open edition artworks and licenses

how to buy Bruno Benedetti’s artworks and rights-managed licenses

stake cristal pyramd burning in fire
surrealism picture: crystal piramyd burning in fire. Colors of burning metals

Bruno Paolo Benedetti’s artworks are for sale both in limited/open edition prints and with Rights Managed license.

limited edition prints and digital artworks,open edition prints

Each artwork is printed either in open or limited edition prints on paper or on canvas. You can buy the artworks online on ArtPal. There you can find the open edition prints on several media and sizes, starting from $ 40.  The limited edition prints, signed and numbered on the back, are on sale Under Request. If interested send a mail in order to know prices and availability. The price depends on the size: the greater is the size, the higher is the price. The most important is that the number of the artworks for sale does not change depending on the size. So if the number of prints is 25, this number represents the total of artworks for sale, in any media and size. Artworks on single edition are available on demand.  Limited edition digital files of many artworks are available for sale online. Each artwork is digitally signed by the creator and permanently recorded and verified through the blockchain. The license for the limited edition digital artworks is for personal use with the right to print and to resell the artworks. Visit the online store.

rights managed licenses

For each artwork, you can buy the Rights Managed License for editorial, commercial and also for personal use (i.e.on your computer) on Photo Shelter. For multiple purchases ask for conditions filling the form here below or sending an e-mail


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