fluid winter shapes

fluid shapes and reflections in water in winter

Fluid shapes in brown color on dark and light blue background. On the left half open shapes. Light in center of one. Line of sight to the center. The right part above is in white and brown, the half part below in dark blue and brown. Tones of blue, brown colors with shades.Colors and shapes of the nature under an abstract point of view.

Artwork for sale in limited edition prints and Rights Managed license.

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2 comments on “fluid winter shapes”

  1. I see a person on the left pushing their way through layers of red tape angry at the oil tycoons that keeping getting oil dumped into the beautiful ocean. I see an Orca trying to swim its way through the polluted waters. I also see a young person sitting on a stump her face distorted because doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t want to look back at the mess because it’s so overwhelming.

    I like to look at paintings before reading anything about it. That is what I like
    about impressionism/abstract paintings. There can be so many different impressions yet somehow they all fit. At least from my point of view.


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