abstract fire vortex in hole with swirling flames
art and technology

Hiring Digital Technologies Experts

job openings for software developers

abstract fire vortex in hole with swirling flames
abstract fire vortex in a hole with swirling flames and burning shapes in red and orange fire light with many shades

Tradigital Artech is developing a project concerning the creation of new technologies for art and culture, and offers the possibility of involvement in our work team and in the shareholding structure, to private persons or companies highly qualified, and with skills and expertise in one of the following areas:

  1. development of new technological applications;
  2. know-how and creation of digital technologies;
  3. competencies in modular programming development;
  4. e-commerce website programming;
  5. operating with CMS.

The company or the private person will create software in total autonomy from the office or home.

The type of involvement in the project and in the society will be considered case by case, according to the partner requirements and expertise.

If you are interested please send us an e-mail with your qualifications to:



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