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Wall Art and Adhesive Mural Prints by BBS Art

Barbara Stamegna

adhesive mural print with abstract orange color on bedroom wall adhesive mural print with abstract orange color on bedroom wall

Here you can find some examples of Wall Art and Murals created by BBS Art.

In particular, the BBS ART Adhesive Wall Murals is a new line of art images for Home Décor that we recently launched.

The BBS mural prints are perfect for changing the look and to enhance common and private spaces of cruise ships, hotels and commercial and private properties.

They are produced on printers with outstanding photographic print quality & durabilityExtreme image resolution.  They are removable without any damage to walls and they’re easy to change. The material used is a premium 6 mil auto-adhesive vinyl with a subtle linen-cotton canvas texture where the image is printed.  They can be safely applied to walls, doors, windows, virtually any surface of indoor spaces.

Down below you can find an example of BBS Art production for wall art…

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